A Hot Job for Hard Times: The Life-Insurance Agent

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Life insurance agent leads are essential for making sales. However a life insurance agent career can be squeezed into non-existence without insurance agent leads. Find out how the company agency controls the insurance agent career longevity.

What is the life insurance agent career agency attempting to do to lure you into their trap. Besides the alluring false ad in the paper, what are you initially told? Their response reflects a no worry approach. They are going to provide plenty of leads, plus ways (like referrals) to keep the leads flowing in. This a a myth in virtually all cases. Clouds of death of a new agent's career is looming overhead constantly. The demise occurs customarily within 18 months after the agent is licensed and trained.

Go into any life insurance agent career sales office with more than 30 agents. Observe that almost any seats occupied are by a newer agent. This projects rather strange and spooky feelings. (Almost like a funeral parlor). Are not insurance agents supposed to be out on appointments with potential clients writing new business applications? Numerous agents are conducting idle chatter with their associates. The strong hearted ones with rent or mortgage payments upcoming become intensively tense each passing day. The bright big bubble is bursting.

The truth sinks in if you are a new agent. The agency or company is not going to provide you with enough leads to see clients and make sales. Your sales manager has chewed you out for not getting referrals from the last sale or not talking to enough acquaintances about insurance. You are told to get your homemade list of potential clients or the phone directory and start calling for appointments. Should you be unsuccessful at setting up enough appointments, chastisement comes from the sales manger for you not being able to overcome objections.

The strange part of all this is that you never observe the sales manager practicing what he preaches. The General Agency Manager supplies the sales managers with all phone and mail in leads that come in. Effectively determining selling abilities and hiring agents that can not sell is a major reason for agent failure. The remaining agents that can sell, eliminate themselves because of a shortage of leads for sales appointments. This is directly correlated to a lack of smart agency system for producing enough prospect leads.

Back when I was a new agent I can remember spending 80% of my time prospecting. The little remaining time was spend learning product knowledge and on a limited quantity of sales appointments. At my final career stages of selling, 10% was spent on prospecting, and the remainder on sales presentations.. Early in my career I realized it wasn't me, but the company that was holding me back. Fortunately I found an agency where a fair number of fair quality leads were supplied. It was a simple formula of fair number of leads + decent quality = more sales presentations = more sales income.

After 3 years of excessively hard work and average performance, the choices were to increase sales or second mortgage the house. No insurance company manager ever explained (or knew!) how a sales lead program worked. An insurance agent with marvelous production sank reality into my thick skull. Thereby, igniting the fuse to my skyrocketing sales production by injecting quality leads.

If you want to make money in insurance you have to spend money out of your pocket. Plus time lost on prospecting is time lost on selling. When both factors are converted to realism, a sales career entirely changes. Prospecting is done in mass mailing a carefully prepared lead getting message. This is proceeded by purchasing the highest quality list to reach the preferred clientele. Unfortunately your wallet pays the expenses. You have to help yourself to survive and prosper.

If you have now yet already dug yourself too deep in the ditch, there is hope. In a very short time period, you will discover your lead cost is outweighed by increased sales, higher closing ratio, and enlarged premiums on policies you write.

The career insurance company is going to do virtually nothing to truly save you! Your ship will not suddenly come in! Make yourself the captain now.

Start your personal, out of pocket, lead program right now. Grab a lead life raft tailored to your personal perfection, and you will ever sink out of sight.